Inspirational speaker with Susan G. Komen Foundation comes to Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The National spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen Foundation gave her testimony to hundreds of women across the Pine Belt at the annual spring Spirit of Women event.

Sheri Prentiss was diagnosedwith breast cancer after she found a mass during her self breast exam.

At the time, she was a physician, divorced, with two teenage girls and a dying mother who lived with her.

"It was overwhelming, and there came a time when I just didn't want to fight," said Prentiss.

Sheri added that had it not been for the restoration of her faith, that she might not have survived Cancer.

"When I got past that moment, I realized that I wasn't gonna die at anytime soon, so I might as well get myself together and live my life and help others go through this struggle and hopefully their journey wouldn't be as hard as mine," said Prentiss.

Prentiss talked about how she was let go from her job due to her illness, even though she only missed three out of more than one hundred days after her diagnosis. According to Prentiss, she was bitter at the time, but things worked out for the better.

"Get past that moment. I want people to realize that they need to take a step, no matter how small it is to change the patterns of their past," said Prentiss.

Prentiss now spends her time traveling to share her testimony.

The event also featured the 2014 Spirit in Action awards, honoring four Pine Belt residents who have made a significant impact on the Pine Belt community.

"Spirit of Women does make a difference in the lives of women. Women, of course, take themselves for granted. They take care of everyone else, and neglect themselves, so the whole message for Spirit of Women is take action for your health, take time out for yourself," said Millie Swan, Cheif Marketing for Forrest General Hospital.

The Spirit in Action awards recipients for 2014 are Dr. Rodney Bennett, Robert St. John, Carolyn Hood, Kathy Garner, and Rick Taylor.