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Opinions split on campaign to ban 'bossy'

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Words have meaning. Recently, a national campaign began to ban the word "bossy" because of its negative connotation.

"Growing up a lot you hear 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt.' But the truth is words can hurt," said parent Kayla Mallett.

The campaign, started by Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, and now endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America, is meant to send a message.

"The word bossy means to me, mean," said Girl Scout Brownie Makayla Yanogacio.

"It's about eliminating the obstacles that prevent girls from realizing their dreams and achieving their potential," said Susan Schneider with South Carolina Girl Scouts Mountains to Midlands.

By middle school girls are less interested in leadership than boys. And that's because they worry about being called bossy, according to a Ban Bossy Public Service Announcement.

"It's okay to be a leader and it's okay for everyone not to like everything you say and do as long as you're doing it and saying it for the right reasons," said parent and Troop Leader Qadriyyah Yanogacio. "I was always called bossy. But I liked it. I had the attitude that can carry it on. So I just took it and made it more powerful and more meaningful."

Parents and girl scout troop leaders say they try to instill independence.

"Being a leader, it doesn't mean you're being bossy. it just means you're standing up for what you believe in," said Girl Scout Senior Kelsey McDuffie.

Being bossy isn't a negative thing, said Troop Leader Monica McClain.

"They can actually be bossy and be leaders and be assertive and passionate," McClain said.

Some critics claim the Ban Bossy campaign reinforces stereotypes when girls should look to redefine the word instead of trying to get rid of it.

"If you call someone bossy they're probably just trying to be a leader and express their feelings," said Girl Scout Brownie Maricellyn McDonald.

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