Marion County drug sweep

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Members of the Marion County Narcotics Task Force worked throughout the day Saturday on a county wide drug sweep which should lead to the arrest of around 50 people involved in alleged drug activity.

Officers began the day around 8 a.m. serving felony arrest warrants and indictments in the Hub community on highway 13 south in Marion County.

"A drug sweep, we do two or three a year just to keep the drug dealers on their toes in Marion County," said Brad McDermit, Task Force Commander. "Our biggest problem is pharmaceuticals, people get legal prescriptions and then turn around and sell them which is called pharmaceutical diversion which makes it therefore illegal," said McDermit.

Officials stated that around half of the suspects that were taken into custody are allegedly involved with prescription drugs.

One of the suspects that was taken into custody today, decided to answer a few questions.

"It don't matter what I think, they running this show."

Do you know why you are going to jail today?

"No sir."

Do you sell drugs?

"No sir."

Do you have any drugs in the house?


After several search warrants and arrests, officers regrouped and split up in to smaller teams to apprehend additional suspects on quick hit warrants throughout the county.

"Several more we will be looking to pick up through this evening and tonight," said McDermit. "The message I can send to those people is if they get word we are looking for them, the best thing they can do is turn themselves in immediately."

Officials plan to continue their work until they have all the people on their list in custody.

The narcotics task force was assisted by officers from the Marion County Sheriff's Department, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, D-E-A, and the HIDTA Task Force.

Everyone arrested in the sweep will be taken before a Justice Court Judge in Marion County Monday for initial appearances.

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