Leaf River crested and expected to rise in other Jones County areas

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Leaf River near the Jones County area crested Wednesday at 28 ft. and is still expected to rise in other locations according to emergency management officials.

Several residents who live off Hwy. 588 either have to go by boat or walk through water in order to get to their homes.

"I had to move my lawnmower and my equipment so it wouldn't get water damaged, other than that it's just the simple fact that we're just waiting for the water," said resident Clint Garland. 

On Blackwell Loop the goats are on top of a dry hill due to the flooding in the area. On Sandhill Church Road the Leaf River is so high you can't even read the entire warning sign. Aside from the Leaf River, the Tallahala Creek crested Monday. On east 9th street several residents are back in their homes after having to leave the area due to the flood.

"We had to move clothes and furniture and stuff like that and water came up in the house a little bit," said resident Margaret Sullivan.

Residents said they had not experienced anything like that since 2011. Laurel councilman Emmanuel Jones came out to the area Thursday and helped out the people in his ward.

"We come out and try to support the people and give them some food," said Jones. "Water I guess went down and we just come out here and try to help them."

Jones county residents hope the expected weather Sunday night will not affect them. 

"I'm hoping that enough water recedes by then that it doesn't get worse," said Garland.

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