Waynesboro shooting victim recounts what happened to her and her daughter Monday night

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - "I thought we were about to die."

Tamesha Dunn and her daughter were in the middle of their nightly routine of dropping off funds from their place of employment to the First State Bank in Waynesboro when they were approached by a gunman Monday night.

"I reached down to grab the money, and just when I was about to put it on the safety deposit box, he put this big gun right in front of my face," Dunn said.

That's when her daughter screamed "GO!"

Dunn pushed the gas petal as hard as she could. As the two drove off, a gunman began firing shots into their vehicle. The first bullet grazed Dunn's back, but her daughter wasn't as lucky.

"I looked over and my daughter was holding her head. She kept telling me it was just glass in her head."

Dunn reached over to touch her daughter's head, and her hand became covered in blood.

"That's when I knew she had been shot. My daughter was so calm the entire time."

Dunn rushed to the hospital immediately where they were both treated for their wounds. They were released a few hours later and recovering at home.

The suspect is still at large.