Hattiesburg detective who refused to apologize to mayor wants a say in selection of next police chief

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg police detective who was first suspended, then re-instated, and who later quit citing a hostile working environment now says he would like to have a say in who may be the city's next police chief.

The attorney for Juston Frazier sent a letter to the Civil Service Commission asking that his client be notified when the chief's appointment comes up before the city council.

Justin Frazier was suspended for two weeks without pay for sounding his siren at a car stopped on Hall Avenue. The driver was talking to Mayor DuPree, who had pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. Frazier was suspended for refusing a direct order from Hattiesburg Police Chief Chief Frazier Bolton to apologize to the mayor. He was re-instated two weeks later.

He is asking for a civil service hearing on the termination to be heard by a new, independent appeals panel. According to the letter to the civil service commission, Justin Frazier says he finds himself to be a private civilian citizen who wants to be afforded the opportunity to speak and address the city council and public on whomever the mayor should place into nomination.

Mayor DuPree has not said when he plans to present more of his department head appointments.

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