158th Infantry Brigade presentation of Theater of War

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Soldiers from the 158th Infantry Brigade gathered at the University of Southern Mississippi on Saturday to talk openly about their struggles with PTSD during the Theatre of War: Soldiers and Citizens Tour.

The Theater of War: Soldiers & Citizens Tour presents dramatic readings of Sophocles' Ajax-an ancient Greek tragedy about the suicide of a great, respected warrior-to diverse military and civilian audiences in order to engage communities in powerful town hall discussions about the visible and invisible wounds of war.

Before the discussion began, a play reading took place to highlight the wounds of war. After the play reading, soldiers took time to talk in a town hall themed environment about how they cope with post traumatic stress disorder on a day to day basis.

To date, the tour has presented the play to more than forty thousand service members of the United States Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard, veterans and their families around the world.

"It's important because our soldiers have seen many things over the last few years, and some of them struggle with dealing with the stress," said Col. Paul Kreis. "So this is a means to show that it's ok to have the stress, you can't experience the things we've experienced without responding to that," said Kreis.

Soldiers are encouraged to partake in support groups and town hall discussions about PTSD.

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