Former Army PFC victim of hit and run driver

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - A former Private First Class in the Army and current firefighter fell victim to a hit in run accident in Marion County yesterday while out on a 25-mile run.

Hit and run victim, Steven Morris said Thursday, "The car just kept going. I didn't even see brake lights."

Around 3 O'clock Wednesday afternoon Steven Morris was out for a 25-mile hike around the Improve Community in Marion County and was struck by a car.

"The wind was blowing pretty hard so I couldn't tell if it was a vehicle behind me or if it was just the wind so I turned around to see. When I turned around the car was already there and it was too late."

Morris was hit by what he describes as a tan, early 2000's model Honda or Toyota sedan. As he fell to ground he felt pain shooting down his legs, and says the backpack he was wearing was the only slight cushion to his fall.

"I knew something was wrong with my back probably. I knew something was wrong with my shoulder. I knew it was probably dislocated or broken."

Morris also had gashes and cuts from his head to his legs and after calling 9-11, was transported to Forrest General Hospital, and released this morning.

Although thankful to be alive, he can't understand why someone would have such little respect to have left him for dead by the roadside.

"Definitely should have known they hit something or somebody. I had my Army P.T. gear on and my fire department reflective vest on. There was probably 300 yards of seeing distance."

If anyone has any information about the driver of the tan, early 2000's model sedan, please contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 601-736-5051. As always they're only interested in the information.

"The person who was driving the vehicle should have stopped because they didn't know if I was alive or dead."