Kindness Foundation founder reports on progress in Russia and Ukraine

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Kindness Foundation received encouragement when founder, Dr. Olga Lutsenko, visited Thursday with an update on their mission in Russia and Ukraine.

The mission began in 1991 after the collapse of Communist control. After 75 years living under Communist reign, Russia sought a new morality. They looked to the United States as a model for success and discovered that, as Dr. Lutsenko explained, "the foundation of the United States was the Bible."

After selecting a morality to build upon, Russia instituted a Bible-based education system. Public school teachers were trained to teach Biblical morals and values to their students.

"The parents started coming to the classroom, to the teachers, saying, 'We would like to know about it,'" recalled Dr. Lutsenko. "That encouraged us to make special courses for the parents."

The Kindness Foundation has placed Bibles in the hands of thousands of teachers and students in Russia and Ukraine. Through their support, these two countries have experienced a spiritual rebirth.

Despite political unrest in that region, Dr. Lutsenko was pleased to find that the educational system in place had not been affected. "Our educational system, the part introducing the Bible, is very strong," reported Dr. Lutsenko.

Dr. Lutsenko is touring south Mississippi until April 16th.

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