Jones County officials warn of scams

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Jones County authorities are urging the public to use caution regarding a recent increase in several different phone scams.

The latest spike in scams deals with criminals attempting to trick unsuspecting people into believing they won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. While another, that is becoming more common, is criminals seeking personal information from elderly people by posing as Medicare providers.

"They are saying they lost your information, and that's just a scam to get your information. Especially if they say you need to send us a check or a money order, or go to Walmart and wire us this money.We just want them to know that this is a scam and to not give up their money, their information because it will be used against them," said Tonya Madison, Jones County investigators.

"We want to remind everybody because a company or a person calls you with personal information and it seems as if they know everything about you they are phishing for more information to reach and gather what more they can to use against you later."

If you feel you have been victim of a scam, contact local law enforcement or the attorney general's office.