Thousands attend 30th Annual Hubfest


The 30th annual Hubfest brought avariety of live entertainment, arts and crafts, and food to downtown Hattiesburg. Thousands of people packed the streets downtown Saturdayto enjoy the annual event.

“It's a community effort;everybody comes together from all different walks of life,” said Liz Radley,ADP Communications and Events Director.  “Theyenjoy downtown Hattiesburg, they shop around, they enjoy music and food, and itjust brings everybody together, no matter where you're from you can have a goodtime here at Hubfest.”

Patrons enjoyed livemusic, a wide variety of food along with arts and crafts, and specialty giftitems. However, for some peoplewho attended, food was top priority.

“Im gonna say the hamburgers and the hotdogs,sweet tea, raspberry tea, and the lemonade,” said Frank Clark. “We love itbecause it's the excitement of it and meeting more people and the variety ofthings to look at and things to buy.”

Over 250 booths packed thestreets downtown exceeding the number of vendors from previous years.The event which officialsexpect to bring in a crowd of over ten thousand featured attractions rangingfrom a Children's Village at Town Square Park to an all new International Village.For music lovers, the annual event offered four stages of live music scatteredthroughout downtown with country music star Andy Griggs as the headliningartist.

“I think it’s essentialthat we all come together and celebrate the good parts of our community, saidRadley.” That we have an opportunity to come together, to enjoy music, to enjoythe arts, and to have a family friendly event here in our community.”


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