Donnie Tyndall reflects on '13-'14 season

The Southern Miss men's basketball 2013-2014 season came to an end in the quarterfinals of the NIT for the second season in a row.

It's a tournament Donnie Tyndall feels the team shouldn't have been in, but still recognizes the accomplishments of his players.

"I built this team or felt like I built this team for this season, to be a Dayton type of team this year. A team that I knew if we got in or believed if we got in, we could win at least a game or maybe, two."

Tyndall expanded on his point about the perception problem the C-USA has compared to other conferences.

"I'm not talking about just the Atlantic-10, but I use them as a league that I think our league is very equivalent to. Getting six bids and we get one."

"The Atlantic-10, they do an unbelievable job of marketing and selling their league and the perception becomes that it's a BCS type league and it isn't.

The outlook is bright for coach Tyndall and the Golden Eagles basketball program, but he addressed talk about his coaching future.

"What I want people to understand is I'm very, very prideful to be the head coach at Southern Miss. Would I be lying if I didn't say at some point, some day when the exact right job came along would I have to take a look at it?

"I think I'm four, five, six years away from that based where I want to get this program. I'm not a guy that's hung up on money. I just want stability, which I now have with my new contract and I want to be able to get along with the people I work for, which is certainly the case."

Still focused on the present, Tyndall said this season will leave an impact.

"I will never ever, until the day I go in the dirt, I hope that's about 50 years from now, get over the fact that we didn't get into the NCAA tournament. Just won't."

"It was wrong and no one or nothing will ever convince me otherwise, but I'll also go in the dirt, hopefully in 50 years, remember what a special group we had. Four seniors that gave their heart and soul to this program and did some amazing things."

Southern Miss finished the season with the most wins (29) in school history.