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Game show-style test helps teenagers learn how to drive


If you're the parent of a teenager, you already know, they think they know everything - including how to drive.

A new driver's ed challenge is putting that to the test. It's all in good fun, but it's aim is to keep your kid safe behind the wheel.

Students, grab your buzzers: it's time to take the "I Know Everything Challenge."

"I Know Everything Challenge is designed to educate students on the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving," said Stacey Burger with the Century Council.

It's done in a way that is fun and engaging. In this game show-style format, students are asked a series of 20 questions about distracted driving and the rules of the road, like this one:

"You're the first car at a red light and hear sirens behind you. In your rear view mirror, you see an ambulance heading toward you. What do you do?"

Students have a moment to think before electronically locking in their answers.

"Sometimes, I'm surprised at the answers, and sometimes I'm surprised that they know a lot... but if they know a lot, that is a very good thing."

So far, 10th, 11th and 12th graders from several states have taken the challenge. James River Highschool is the only one in the Richmond area to take part in the I Know Everything Challenge. Answers recorded here will help change drivers ed curriculums across the country.

"The number-one killer of age groups from 3-31 is automobile accidents, so we need to kind of get across to them that driving is something they really need to pay attention to," said Brent Vandell, driving coordinator.

So what do students think about the challenge?

"I liked it a lot," said Alex Simon. "It was a lot of facts, a lot of stuff I didn't know, a lot of statistics and what not."

And he's been driving for a year. Some of these students are not yet licensed, but this challenge gives them a lot to think about before they get behind the wheel.

Century Council is behind the challenge. The groups goal is to reduce both drunk driving and underage drinking.

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