Moselle blueberry farmer says crop damage from the cold minimal

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - In anticipation of Tuesday nights freezing temperatures Moselle blueberry farmer Joe Elzey spent the day making plans to protect his crops.

Fearing he may lose the whole thing he made arrangements for a helicopter to hover over the field to keep the frost from forming on the bushes. By 2 a.m. Wednesday the temperature at the farm had fallen to 28-degrees and frost was forming on the ground. At that time he decided to put the helicopter in the air to warm the plants and protect the blooms from the frost.

By hovering the helicopter over the field Elzey says they were able to raise the temperature above the freezing mark and keep the frost from forming. By daylight they had dried the moisture off the bushes.

Elzey says though their was some damage, it could have been much worse.

"I'm satisfied with the job, the whole field could be brown right now,"said Elzey. "I see a few of them damaged, but it's not significant right now."

Elzey estimates that less than 10-percent of the bushes were damaged.

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