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12 NEWS DEFENDERS: Montgomery cleans up residential trash dump


There's a mess, literally, in a westMontgomery neighborhood that residents say they've been dealing with formonths. After all that time they say they got zero results from the city.

But The 12 News Defenders'Tametria Conner got results.

Many residents near West PattonAvenue say that's the city does not care, and that they have been begging thecity to come and pick up all the stinky garbage and trash on Meadowview Street.

"The city don't care, basically,"said Courtney Taylor, a Montgomery resident. "They need to get it up."

The mess is right behind FredSutton's well kept home. Sutton says after apartments were torn down, the landbecame a dumping site; even an abandoned tractor trailer has been sitting therefor months. Sutton says he's tried everything.

"I called the mayor's office andI called the city and told them about this stuff out here and nobody didanything," Sutton said. "They need to close this off so people can't go throughand dump that stuff out there."

Within three hours of the 12 NewsDefenders contacting the city about all the trash along this street, city crewswere sent out to clean up the mess. That is something residents say they havebeen begging them to do for months now. City officials also say fencing will beadded to secure both entrances.

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