Moselle blueberry farmer prepares to protect crop from freeze

With the expected overnight frost a Moselle blueberry farmer is taking precautions to protect his crop.

Joe Elzey owns a 40-acre blueberry farm he has operated for the last eight-years. He says he is not worried so much about the cold as the plants can withstand 30-degree temperatures. What he is concerned about is the frost. He plans on using a helicopter to hover over the field in the early morning hours to help keep the frost off the plants. He's done this twice before in the last eight years and was able to protect the plants.

"So far it's been very successful, said Elzey. "When the wind lays the heat rises from the ground and the helicopter hangs 50 to 100 feet over the field. If I can push the air down, mix it up, I can totally prevent the frost."

The helicopter is costing Elzey $800 an hour. He says it's expensive, but better than the alternative of losing his whole crop.

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