Triumphant Bobcats return to Ellisville

It took them longer than expected due to their bus breaking down in Shreveport, Louisiana, but, the NJCAA national champion JCJC Bobcats returned to Ellisville this afternoon to a large gathering of fans.

"Just watching our team out there in the national tournament, so very well prepared," JCJC Athletic Director Katie Herrington said.

"They played with such intensity and such focus. That comes from good leadership."

Head Coach Jay Ladner spoke about something his team brought to every game.

"One thing we've always harped on is toughness and never quitting and getting knocked down and getting back up.

"All those type things that any coach and athlete wants to do. A lot of people talk about it and I felt like our guys lived it everyday."

NJCAA Tournament MVP Leroy "Truck" Fludd, was pivotal to the team's success in Hutchinson, Kansas.

"It feels good to win MVP. I want to thank my team, my family, friends and first and foremost God."

All-tournament team member Johnny Zuppardo, sensed something special from the beginning.

"When I got here the team was just so strong. Everybody played so well together."

"Everybody had their own things to contribute to the team. It's just we were so versatile. We were just the best team. No doubt about it."

Jones was the lowest seed (11) to ever win the tournament.