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The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Great Wine Published by Sommelier Franois Castelmore

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As part of his regular wine blog, sommelier Franois Castelmore has published details of his method of assessment so aficionados can begin to speak with confidence about their taste in wine.

Los Angeles, CA, United States of America – March 21, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

Wine is not just a drink, it’s an art form, and it’s easy to understand how people become passionate about wine. It provides a complement to meals and enriches other experiences. Sommelier Franois Castelmore wishes to share his passion about great wine and in order to do so, has now published a guide to how he personally assesses wine, with a mixture of artistic and journalistic investigation that makes the story as important as the taste.

Using his recent number one pick for Ventura County wineries, Franois performed a case study on Herzog Wine Cellars to demonstrate how when making great wine, everything matters.

The article explains that Herzog use only the best wine grapes available and have one of the best ‘terroirs’ as they are known- a farming territory for growing and nurturing the grapes with favorable microclimate and soil properties, as well as employing experienced grape growers exploiting viticultural regimes perfect over centuries by Jewish-German wine makers.

Herzog head wine-maker Joe Hurliman commands his own premium, with an unparalleled reputation for generating new and outstanding wines from tried and tested practices. Finally, naturally aged wines are always superior to wines that have been processed through artificial means which can include anything from smoke to electrolysis.

A spokesperson for Franois explained, “Herzog have created excellent wines because they have brought centuries of European wisdom to Ventura County. Equally, Joe Hurliman’s imagination in employing traditional techniques has thrown up exciting results. The key message Franois wants readers to take home is that evaluating a wine’s quality is informed by much more than its color and taste, but by its history, methodology, location and more.”

About Franois Castelmore:
Franois Castelmore is a second generation French-American and an avid wine taster, writing his own regular publications on the subject and taking part in wine-tasting competitions. Franoise also conducts wine tasting lectures and enjoys discovering new tastes and blends from the evolving wine industry.

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