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Teen recovering after being attacked at a bus stop downtown

Cornelius Love II (Source: Family) Cornelius Love II (Source: Family)

Cornelius Love II is a student at Castle Community High School. A brutal beating last month left him in intensive care. He's back at home recovering now and we had a chance to speak with him.

"Right now.  I'm hungry right now.  Haven't been able to eat in like two weeks almost," says Cornelius. 

Cornelius still has his sense of humor, but there was nothing funny about the way he was attacked.

A gang of around seven young men shattered his jaw and knocked out his front teeth when they stole his iPhone while he was waiting for a bus near the RTA station on East 18th Street and Superior Avenue. 

"I don't remember after that.  They just hit me from behind," Cornelius says. 

The 16-year-old's jaw is still wired shut.

"Wired my jaw shut and put a plate in my chin.  All this was swollen like this for like a good week or two," he said. 

He can only eat soft foods.

"Applesauce and mashed potatoes.  Stuff like that," Cornelius added. 

After spending almost a week in the hospital, Cornelius is back in his old neighborhood.  Back at home with his family.

He's doing some chores and doing his homework online because he can't go back to school yet.

Balloons and get well cards fill his family's living room.

His family needs to raise some money to pay for dental work to replace his front teeth and fix a number of others that are cracked. 

"It's real difficult because I be seeing other people eat and I be hungry," says Cornelius. 

But his humorous tone changes quickly when I asked what he thinks about his attackers.

"I don't want to answer that question."

Cornelius told me one thing he's looking forward to doing again is simply smiling.

His prom is coming up in May and he's excited about that. He is also he's set to graduate in June.

He'll be 17 then and he still wants to become a marine and serve his country.

Donations to help Cornelius can be made at any Chase Bank under Cornelius R. Love II. In addition, donations can be made online by clicking HERE. 

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