Lost teddy bear with soldier's recorded voice returned to Pine Belt family

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - One would never believe a toy could have such an adventure around the Pine Belt.

During this year's Hattiesburg Caerus Mardi Gras Parade, Karen Palmer's grand daughter Lexi caught a teddy bear named Bear after he was thrown off a float. But after playing with him, they realized he had a special message.

The message was a pre-recorded voice of a soldier deployed to Iraq. The message said,"Hey Grayson and Emerson, I miss you, love you, see you soon. Bye."

After hearing the message Palmer decided to find the original owner, and return Bear to the two little girls who lost their Daddy's voice.

"A few days went by and I sat down and I thought, I'm gonna put this on Facebook," said Palmer. "I'm gonna put this on Facebook and see if we cant connect."

Within a day, Palmer was able to locate Jay and Kymberly Young,  Bear's original owner, and returned him safely.

"Inadvertently the bear got put in a donation box and we dropped it off at the Salvation Army, we didn't realize it," said Kymberly. "One of my friends saw a photo on Facebook with the caption that it had a pre-recorded message for a Grayson and Emerson."

Jay recorded the message and placed his voice into the bear so his two little girls would have a little piece of their Dad during his deployment to Iraq.

"Well it was just a little token that I could give them, "said Jay. "This was my second deployment, so this one is a little bit harder because not only was I leaving Kym, I was leaving the girls."

Palmer said Lexi was sad when she learned she had to give Bear back, so the Young's gave her a bear in exchange, which she named Valentine Rose.

According to Palmer, giving Bear back was not only a lesson of giving for Lexi, but a reminder of God's will.

"In 1991 I had lost a son, and his nick name was Buddy Bear," said Palmer. "So it was really special to me to, you know, to give that little bear back. I always believe nothing happens by chance."

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