Firefighters from across MS participate in rescue training

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Firefighters from across the state took a break from the classroom on Thursday to learn an out-of-the-box rescue method.

"We are using a tower set here off Richburg Road, and they are doing different ways for different rescues for different pick-offs," said Tracy Montague, Hattiesburg Fire Department Leiutenant.

Each firefighter climbed up a transmission tower to be rescued by other fire fighters in case a similar situation happens in the future. Each participant tested their strength by climbing as high as 50 feet in the air.

"We are doing tower rescue, these techniques can be used to facilitate rescues on water towers, antennas, cell phone towers, billboards, scaffolding and similar elevated structures," said Russell McCullar, a MS Fire Academy instructor.

Urban search and rescue teams joined HFD and MS Task Force Three to learn high lines and tension rope systems.

"This teaches guys how to work in small party rescue, and go to any elevated structure and facilitate people that pass out, people that become ill at height," said McCullar.

The first responders will receive their certification by learning how to rescue individuals in traumatic injury at height situations, all while getting victims down in a quick fashion.

"You know, whenever there's an emergency at height, time is of the essence and these guys are practicing over and over again evolutions to facilitate getting those guys down from elevated structures," said McCullar.

All participants are expected to receive rope rescue certification at the end of the week.

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