Columbia park receives new look

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Duckworth Park in Columbia is getting a facelift thanks to the support of the city, and Programs Administrator Larry Jenkins is urging more adult aged men to get involved and be role models for the youth of the community.

"I still have a passion for Columbia and our children and that's why I do what I do," Jenkins said Wednesday.

Larry Jenkins has been associated with Duckworth Park for 32 years, and stresses the importance of summer activities for the youth of Columbia.

Jenkins said, "Activities in general are good for our children. It helps them to develop character. It helps them to get along with other people, other children. It's a way for them to be able to express how they feel, and being involved in activities, which is going to help them grow and develop through out life."

Jenkins runs the summer baseball program. The City of Columbia sponsor's the baseball league by helping them with the expenses associated with the programs like insurance, up keep of the grounds, and staffing the league with coaches and umpires. This year the city is expanding the park.

"We've got some additional land that the city has purchased, about 3 acres that is adjoining the park. Hopefully that land will be developed and used for additional parking, and also for recreation," Jenkins said.

Jenkins said the support of the city has been phenomenal, and now he is encouraging people, churches, and role models to get involved with the youth.

"I need some men that care about our children to get involved. Right now we are in the process of establishing an organization called Men That Care for our children and especially our young boys."

The Boys Duckworth Baseball Program is for ages 4-15, and girl's softball for ages 9-12. The last day to sign up is Saturday March 15th.

Jenkins said, "Not just my children, but all of our children in order that we give them some kind of outlet for them to be involved in and help them to become better citizens."