South Forrest Attendance Center takes stand against bullying

BROOKLYN, MS (WDAM) - Students at South Forrest Attendance Center received a special visit on Thursday by Keith Deltano. The educational comedian spoke to students K - 8th grade about bullying.

"He's training them on how to handle bullies, as well as to prevent bullying and then what to do in case it happens to them," said South Forrest Attendance Center Principal Kelly Lambert.

"Hate is wrong, racism is wrong, pushing, shoving, touching, cyber bullying all that is just wrong," said Deltano.

As older students attended the anti-bullying assembly throughout the day, Deltano addressed other concerns such as social media.

"They will walk out of here knowing 'Hey these comments I'm making on Snapchat, I better stop, you know that picture I'm thinking about taking and sending to my boyfriend I better not do that, you know I can lose college scholarships.' in the state of Mississippi you can be charged with a misdemeanor."

Overall Deltano said a lot can be prevented with the help of parents, especially when it comes to cell phones and computers.

"Hello parents, if you're going to get them the technology you've got to monitor the technology," said Deltano. "Kids are just doing crazy things you know so my goal is to stop negative behavior."

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