WDAM Viewpoint- Sewage Issue

Today's Viewpoint is about the Hattiesburg sewage treatment issue. The foul odor that stinks up Hattiesburg on a recurring basis and the discussion of what to do about it has been around for what many would consider a long time.

It seemed we had an answer recently as the City Council approved an increase to the sewer rates, but that was vetoed by Mayor DuPree who proposes a one percent sales tax increase to help fund a fix. This would have to go to the Mississippi legislature and be voted upon by the people.

My question is – When did the treatment of our sewage become a political issue? If the sewage problem is a product of our growth over time, we are certainly working to keep the growth down by allowing that smell to continue. Who wants to move into an area that smells?

It is time for city officials to stop squabbling and come together and fix the problem. Stop playing politics with the citizens' of Hattiesburg and their quality of life.

This is today's Viewpoint.