WDAM Viewpoint- Saluting first responders

On the night of the severe weather last Thursday one of the more intense cells passed right over our building here at WDAM. When the wind and rain was at its most intense our team noticed a car had run off the road and flipped upside down in the ditch.

Some braved the weather to get closer and quickly noticed that also there were Jones County sheriff's deputies, Highway Patrol, volunteer fire and rescue, EMTs and a local towing company. Some were chest deep in water looking for passengers. We are happy to report that the driver had escaped earlier unharmed. But that is another story.

How often is this scene duplicated while we are in our homes safe from danger? Probably more than you think. These silent warriors keep us safe and regularly are the first on the scene in some of the most dangerous of circumstances. For this we say thank you to all those who work so hard to ensure our safety and come to our rescue. We appreciate you.

This is today's viewpoint.