MDOC Main Offices Move after Nearly 40 Years at Same Location

This is a news release from MDOT

JACKSON   - The main offices of the Mississippi Department of Corrections have moved to a new location.

The Central Office location is now the new tenant of the 633 N. State St. building. MDOC is leasing the building for five years.

Until this week, MDOC had been leasing office space at 723 N. President St. since it was formed on July 1, 1976.  Also, for several years, the agency had rented office space in the nearby Dickson Building at George and North Congress streets.

"This move allows MDOC employees in two buildings for years to finally be under one roof," said Commissioner Christopher B. Epps.

Staff telephone and fax numbers as well as email addresses of the 140 employees affected by the move will remain the same.

MDOC's Central Office provides support for the three state prisons, four private prisons, 15 regional facilities, 17 community work centers, four restitution centers, one transition center, two re-entry facilities and 72 probation and parole offices.

"Many people think my office is at Parchman," Epps said.  "But the commissioner's office had been on North President Street for nearly 40 years. It is now on North State Street."