Where Are They Now? WCU cheerleader famous shot

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A video taken February 21, 2013 during halftime at William Carey University basketball game by former WDAM Sportscaster Nathan Epstein went viral immediately after it was aired.

The video showed cheerleader Ashlee Arnau making a front-flip basketball shot. Arnau never imagined the attention she would receive for it.

"I had so many missed calls, texts, people following me and I had no clue," said Arnau. "Today show called, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, my phone kept ringing."

After that, the cheerleader made an appearance on Today and was also featured in several other television programs and websites for her amazing front-flip half court shot. She was also invited to perform with the Harlem Globetrotters.

"Next day, the day after, the week after, it lasted for at least two weeks," said Arnau.

Arnau said the idea to do a front-flip basketball shot came from another sport she plays at William Carey.

"Soccer, I think it was like a professional person doing it on TV one time," said Arnau. So I took a soccer ball and then decided to do the flip and it just kind of stuck with me, but last year was the first time I decided to do it with a basketball."

Today, more than a year later since her shot, the nursing and biology major is pretty busy with her own schedule.

"School and soccer, and track and cheer plus working, it's just a lot on my plate," said Arnau. 

A lot, but not enough to prevent her from making another front-flip basketball shot. Arnau made her famous shot again January 30, 2014 and gained national attention all over again.

For now Arnau said she has retired her front-flip basketball shot, but don't be amazed if you see her on TV again.

"It be awesome to make it on national news again, but I'm just trying to get through school right now," said Arnau. "For next year hopefully we're kind of coming up with something, we'll just see how it is whenever next cheerleading season comes around."

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