Pine Belt mother opens up about daughter's suicide

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - "I probably do cry everyday, I just don't let anybody see me."

Andree Kauchick lost her daughter, Karen, to suicide.

"She was beautiful and she had a darling personality, everybody loved her," said Kauchick." She was diagnosed as being bipolar in the early nineties and that was her biggest problem."

Kauchick said she began worrying about her daughter when she was only a toddler.

"From the time she was four years old, she cried almost that whole year," said Kauchick. "The mental health field would probably say she couldn't have been bipolar that early, but I think she was."

After multiple suicide attempts, Karen passed away April 19, 2009.

"She had two daughters and she loved them unconditionally. They loved her," said Kauchick.

Karen was in Florida when she took her own life.

"The last time I talked to her she was living in Florida, and I asker her could I come over there and she said no, there's nothing you can do," said Kauchick.

Kauchick said she copes by playing games on her computer and attending support groups.

"After I moved to Hattiesburg, I found a support group called Family to Family, and I attended that and it helped me understand mental illness," said Kauchick. "She told me several years before she died that was the biggest favor I ever did for her."

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