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Residents at Matthews apartment complex irked by water-shut offs


Residents at Legacy Matthews say they're irritated by recent water problems at the apartment complex. They say this is the second week in a row they've gone days without water.

It's a "thirst and hygiene" issue says one man, who doesn't want his identity made public. "Every pitcher I had I filled it up" he said.

Another man told WBTV "I already had to walk up to the gas station and use the bathroom earlier today because we need to flush the toilet and you need to wash your hands."

Renters say the water woes started last week.

They received a notice that the water would be shut off last Monday. It didn't happen.

Instead,  the complex turned off the water last Tuesday and Wednesday.

This Tuesday, the faucets are once again dry. And, according to a notice residents received, water could be off Wednesday as well.

Greg, one of the renters, says he didn't get the notice about this Tuesday's shut off until he got home from work late Monday night. He didn't have time to buy more water. 

"It's a hassle. Very inconvenient" Greg says.

He had to do some repairs to his car so he could get to work.

He had a problem Tuesday afternoon. Grease stains and no water.

"I'll have to bring my entire uniform to a friend's house then try to shower then get to work" Greg said. "I really don't want explanations. I just want water."

The maintenance supervisor says there was a water main break. Contractors started working on the problem last Monday - and were able to keep the water on.

He says when contractors fixed a leak - another one sprung Tuesday - forcing the complex to turn the water on Tuesday until 5pm.

There were more leaks Wednesday. The water was off from 9:25 last Wednesday morning until 10 o'clock that night.

The maintenance supervisor says the line suffered more leaks since Wednesday but the apartment complex didn't want residents to go additional days without water. They kept it on until Tuesday - as contractors worked on the problem.

Renters say the repairs are not progressing fast enough.

"Why not have them work continuously until that is done instead of 2 days this week. 2 days that week. I mean if it's not working - how can they shut it off and on" one resident asked.

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