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Andy, Will It Work? The GunBox


If you ever needed a reason for safer gun storage, Bill McNeil of Eads, TN, can offer nine of them.

"Well, first of all, with these nine grandkids on my wall," he says as he points at their pictures.

They are the reason he bought The GunBox, $279-$299.

It claims "safe storage," but with "quick access" -- because it is designed to blend into any room's decor and hide in plain sight.

"When you put it around your house, it could be anything," he said. "It could be a jewelry box or just another piece of furniture."

It's made of an aircraft-strength aluminum alloy. The model we tested is equipped with the latest technology for fast access:  a combination RFID (radio frequency) bracelet and biometric lock.

The bracelet, programmed specifically for The GunBox it accompanies, opens the safe with a quick swipe of your wrist, or the owner can program the biometric lock to recognize multiple thumb and fingerprints.

There are no combinations to memorize (or forget!) -- and no running to the gun safe you have tucked away deep inside your bedroom closet when you desperately need your handgun.

"I wanted one that was simple, and this one seemed to be very simple," McNeil said.

Dan Perkins appreciates simplicity in gun safes. At his Hidden Safes, Inc., in East Memphis, he can install a hidden safe into virtually anything:  bed-side tables, planters, baseboards and vehicle consoles.

He loves how The GunBox essentially hides itself. "Looks like a waffle-maker, a don't know what it is," he said. "Hide in plain sight -- it passes for that."

The GunBox is a WISE BUY.

Gun dealer Julie Hill does not sell The GunBox at Arms Fair in Cordova, TN. But she does sell a range of less expensive gun safes: key-operated, combination-lock or a combination of both.

She said for all gun safes, the same rules apply. "You want to be sure it is secure," she said. "It's someplace you can get to it in a timely manner, and it's someplace where chances are, it's not going to get stolen."

That's another bonus with The GunBox. It has a programmable audio alarm that will sound when someone attempts to shake or move it while it is activated.

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