Laurel Police execute drug arrests

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Laurel Police executed several drug arrests Friday morning after a phone call about a noise complaint.

Authorities arrived to the Townhouse Motel, upon arrival they uncovered a party out of a hotel room.

"Obviously a lot of drugs that you see here before us were confiscated from individuals at that party," said Sgt. Michael Reaves. "Ice, ice crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, oxycodone."

Reaves said Labon Robicheaux, Heather Hill, and Adrian Windham were all arrested at around 3 a.m. on Friday.  The three were charged with possesion of meth, paraphenalia, and other substances.

"We've seen a really large spike in the crystal methamphetamine, or ice, that we've encountered."

Heroin is also plaguing south Mississippi.

"We've seen a substantial amount of herion in the past two years," said Reaves.

The street drug ecstasy was also confiscated at the Townhouse Motel that night.

"We're still out there, we're still investigating," said Reaves. "Some of these things take time. We're willing to put together good case, um, just because you don't see us act immediately does not mean we're not actively investigating."

Reaves said he and the Narcotics Division of the Laurel Police Department Plan on making additional drug-related arrests throughout the week.

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