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Nurse: Infant CPR is a critical skill for every new parent

Source: WBRC video Source: WBRC video

The story of an aunt who performed infant CPR on her 5-month-old nephew while in traffic in Miami has captured the nation's attention.

Pamela Rauseo saved her nephew Sebastian's life.

"We started doing CPR to the baby and the police officer helped with chest compressions. The baby finally started breathing," Lucila Godoy said.

Godoy is the good Samaritan who helped bring Sebastian back to life. It was all captured in photos as the rescue unfolded on the side of a Miami highway.

Laurie Borst is a neonatal nurse practitioner at Trinity Hospital. She says CPR is a lifesaving skill every parent, guardian or babysitter should know. She says time is of the essence in a situation where a baby stops breathing.

Every parent of a NICU baby at Trinity Hospital goes home with a DVD and a baby mannequin to learn CPR. Borst says NICU babies are more likely to have breathing problems.

But she also says choking is common in all babies once they start eating. Borst says leaning CPR gives parents what they need to know to get things started before emergency crews arrive.

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