Professional Spring American Football League coming to Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Professional Spring American Football League

The Professional Spring American Football League will be embarking on its first annual season in 2014 as the official league that will be working on giving athletes a chance to be looked at by Top Professional leagues so as to give them a chance to have film and work out material for scouts and coaches in the higher leagues in American Football. The Model of the league will be to work on becoming a Minor league farm system for athletes who will have a chance to play and hone their skills to try to impress coaches and scouts at the higher levels in American Football. The PSAFL will work with athletes the same way as athletes that are in the Major league baseball minor league system, and give athletes the ability to actively play in a quality athletic league that specifically caters to higher leagues.

The PSAFL Season is slated to start in April with a 8 team league with athletes from Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and California. The main goal of the Professional Spring American Football league will be to create a sustainable league that will promote athletes to higher levels without the extra ordinary costs that have been put upon athletes with so called Combines and OTA's that have no real meaning then to just take athletes money with no hopes of being seen by scouts and coaches from higher leagues. The main purpose of the PSAFL will be to honestly help athletes Play in a real league that will provide them with the tools they need to try to get them to the next level.

Athletes who are interested in going to the next level in football workouts are free to all trying to make the teams in the league. No athlete will have to pay anything out of pocket to be looked at by this league. Age 21 to 33 for the PSAFL, College eligibility must have been used up in order to be looked at by Staff members from teams in the league. More information will be put out with details on the PSAFL web page. The league prefers not to deal with agents so athletes be aware of this. An also if you have any game film or highlights that you want us to consider please bring us a copy so we could put with your portfolio. Tryout will March 1 at 9 am at Tatum Park, on Hwy 11(Veteran Memorial Hwy)    Hattiesburg,Mississippi.

Contact Information:

Coach Bryant - Head Coach

(228)383 - 5284