Jones County executes more drug related arrest warrants

Local officials executed thirteen arrest warrants to individuals throughout Jones County on Friday, following a massive drug raid at the 13th Avenue Pharmacy in Laurel.

Thirteen individuals made their initial appearances before Judge David Lyons Tuesday afternoon for drug charges ranging from sale of a controlled substance to possession. Some were connected to the 13th Avenue Pharmacy raid. The arrests of employee Pam Manning, Natalie Mauldin and 13th Avenue Pharmacist Kyle Mauldin, and others, means more arrest warrants are being executed, according to authorities.

"It is a large problem at this time and it seems to be getting larger," said Don Scott, Investigator.

"It's an every day occasion now in our community and we're just going to continue to pursue the offenders."

13th Avenue Pharmacy is back in business after its operations were shut down last Friday. One employee said they can sell everything, except narcotics, and that a fill-in pharmacist is providing services for the time being.