Sumrall mayor brings town history to life with coloring book

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - Sumrall Mayor Gerolene Rayburn visited with students at the elementary school Monday and gave each one of them a coloring book that tells a little about the town's history.

The book was written by the mayor and professionally illustrated by Ricky Nobile Cartoons. The book contains many fun facts like how the town used to a large lumber producer and at one time had the railroad going through the center of it. It also has information about the current government, police and fire departments, city hall, schools and many other facts about the town.

"I introduce the children to the Board of Aldermen and elected officials and have made a little game out of it where they can write down the names," said Rayburn. "Then I just tell them about some history, for instance there was a big log cut and taken to the World's Fair and won a prize."

Nearly 1000 books were given out to the students.