Hattiesburg Health Help Mississippi holds healthcare enrollment fair

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The open enrollment period for health coverage this year under the Affordable Care Act will end March 31.

 On Saturday, the non-profit consumer assistance program Health Help Mississippi hosted a free Healthcare Marketplace enrollment fair for individuals and families who need to sign up for health coverage. The organization understands that many Mississippians are eligible for financial assistance and wants residents to consider coverage through the Mississippi Health Insurance Marketplace. For those who wait until the final deadline for this year's coverage on March 31, insurance will start May 1.

"Health insurance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace do cover the ten essential health benefits which are going to be things like maternity care, newborn care, preventative services, so there are ten essential benefits that will be covered," said Health Help Mississippi Regional Manager Kristina Cole. "For those individuals who are working individuals who have some income, they could possibly qualify for a tax credit through the Health Insurance Marketplace that could possibly cover either all of some of their monthly premiums."

For more information or assistance, the local Health Help Hattiesburg office is located at 710 south 28th avenue. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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