Valentine’s Day: Oak Grove couple married for more than half a century

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Oak Grove residents Faye and Kenneth Walters have been together since 1955.
"We've been married fifty-two years, will be fifty-three years in July," said Faye Walters. 

The couple met when their schools consolidated into one.

"Faye  and another girl that was in our class come walking from the school bus to the school," said Kenneth Walters. "Five of us guys hung around together and I told some of those other boys, 'I'm going to date one of those girls one time.'"

"I wasn't interested in him at all," said Faye Walters.
"It took me about three years but I finally made it," said Kenneth Walters.

After knowing each other for nearly 59 years, the couple says they are still in love.

"When we go shopping or when we go out from the car into the store we hold hands walking through the parking lot," said Kenneth Walters.

"He's my sweetheart and I've had some health problems in the last several years and he has helped me in so many ways," said Faye Walters.

"I've been pastoring churches for over fifty years and she's always been with me," said Kenneth Walters. "Whether it be church work, family or whatever, we share together."

Till this day the Walters still celebrate Valentine's Day.

"We'll go out to eat, you know for lunch or something like that, or we'll fix a special meal later," said Faye Walters. 

Though after three children, they tend to spend their day with their six grandchildren.

"We like to do something for them you know and see them enjoy things, that's part of our valentines theme," said Faye Walters. 

After more than half a century together, the Walters plan to keep enjoying life with one another. For those wanting a long lasting and loving relationship like the Walters, they suggest couples love each other unconditionally, accept each other, and worship God together.

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