Baxterville Elementary kindergartners celebrate alphabet marriage on Valentines Day

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - Valentines parties were celebrated in schools around the Pine Belt, but Baxterville Elementary School spread the love by celebrating the marriage of two familiar letters.

The marriage of "Q" and "U" is an annual tradition in Baxterville, and is used as an educational teaching tool for kindergarten students.

"It's something we have done in Baxterville in kindergarten I don't know, seven years," said Kindergarten teacher Aimee Baxter. "So we kinda revamped a few things this year and made sure everyone was included."

Names are drawn each year to pick which student portrays "Q" and "U" while the rest of the class serve as the alphabet family.

Because the letter "Q" is always followed by the letter "U" in vocabulary words, they make the most likely pair of letters to wed.

"Well, we looked on Pinterest actually and found some cute ideas and ways that we thought would reinforce those Q and U words the kids were learning," said Kindergarten teacher Erinne Ball.

With Valentines and marriage in the air, some kindergartners defined love in a "qu"irky way.

"Love is when you meet somebody that you truly know that someone is for you," said kindergarten student Jaimelynn Pigott.