Petal man charged in beating death of small dog

NEW AUGUSTA, MS (WDAM) - A Petal man turned himself into New Augusta Police Wednesday after he learned he was wanted on animal abuse charges.

David Crane is charged with aggravated animal cruelty in the beating death of his girlfriends dog with his fist because he was angry it bit him. Cranes's arrest came as a result of a post on his facebook page where he detailed how he beat the dog to death. The beating took place at a New Augusta apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Kacie Smith.

"Roscoe was maybe about 8-pounds, David was 6-foot-three and more than 200-pounds, Said Smith. "I told him to leave him alone. I asked what did you do to him? He said I got mad and I think I killed him. I asked him how and he balled up his fist."

When asked through a facebook message if he would like to tell his side, Crane sent a response back saying the dog had bit him on several occasions. He also said it bit his grandfather and uncle. He said he was wrong for the way he did it, but the dog deserved to die."

"He never attacked anybody, Roscoe was a sweet dog and I was never aware he attacked his grandfather."

After seeing the post many people called the New Augusta Police Department to report the beating. One of those who called was Katherine Sammons from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter. Sammons says it's abuse like such that has animal advocates pushing for stiffer penalties.

"He caught a dog, held it down and viciously beat it to death. That's not a strong enough penalty  and that's why we rallied in Jackson because our laws carry no teeth," said Sammons.

If found guilty, Crane faces a fine of up to $2500 and or 6-months in jail. He is currently out on a $1000 bond. His court date is set for March,10.

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