Where Are They Now? Hattiesburg February 10 storm chaser

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Scott Peake who is part of a storm chasing group called Basehunters, traveled from Norman, Oklahoma to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to capture the February 10 EF4 tornado.

"The day before we were watching a system that was coming in from the West out of the desert region and then we headed out to Hattiesburg the next day to take our chances," said Peake. "We noticed the sirens weren't going off I don't know the reason for that I'm sure there was a malfunction or whatever it was, but I do know the storm was well warned."

After communicating with emergency managers, the chase continued down Highway 98 into Hardy Street.

"It was definitely unusual to have a violent tornado in the month of February in that degree," said Peake.

After nearly seven minutes, the chase came to a stop. Scott along with others began helping those in need.

"We all prayed throughout the drive back to Dallas and eventually to Norman," said Peake. "We were definitely praying for Hattiesburg."

The video was posted a day later on Youtube, but the group never imagined how many views the video would get.

"About a couple hours after we posted it, it hit a couple hundred thousand," said Peake.

Since then, Basehunters have had several interviews. 

"We actually just did an interview a couple months ago with The Weather Channel about the tornado in Hattiesburg," said Peake. "I went out there, got to tour the damage for the first time since I've been there."

Scott says since February 10, 2013, he's chased at least 10 tornadoes.

"One that was another significant tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th of 2013, and actually our Youtube video from that went viral as well with over 8.5 million views on Youtube," said Peake. "We had a couple CNN interviews as well as an Anderson Cooper special we did after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado."

For 2014 the meteorology student estimates Basehunters will at least chase 5 tornadoes.

"We are expecting to see some severe weather in the Southeast and the South for sure, probably in the next couple weeks," said Peake. 

For now Basehunters hope to continue chasing tornadoes and getting their name out. The February 10 tornado will be one they will never forget, one that was different in Scott's 11 years of storm chasing.

"I've never heard of an EF4 tornado going through a town and with no fatalities," said Peake. "That was a miracle, that was an absolute miracle from above."

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