Summertrace residents rejoice and reflect after 1 year since EF4 tornado

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - After nearly a year since an EF4 tornado damaged his home, Hattiesburg resident Jim Gray along with several neighbors who live in the Summertrace subdivision are celebrating the progress and reconstruction of the community.

"I'm grateful we're coming back and we're coming back strong," said Gray. "Really you would not know that there was a lot of damage done, the fence around the property was completely rebuilt and all of the houses except for maybe two or three have been completely redone."

Although residents rejoice over the renewal of Summertrace, February 10, 2013 will be a date they will never forget.

"I have a small closet, inside closet, eight of us got in there, and everybody was praying aloud," said former Summertrace resident, Mim Auter. 

Several residents reflected back to that destructive day and remembered WDAM breaking in during daytime programming.

"I honestly think that Nick saved a lot of lives because he showed us exactly when it was coming across Petro," said Summertrace resident Jean Fedoroff. "I told Karen, my cousin that lives with me, I said, 'It's time to get in the bathroom.' and that's what we did.

Although that day will forever be a memory, today residents are just grateful for how far they've come along. 
"I appreciate all the work that's been done, the effort and cooperation among the people," said Gray. "We have really become a stronger community in here."

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