Civitan Club Starts Endowment for Abbie Rogers Civitan Club

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the greater pine belt community foundation

The Hattiesburg Civitan Club recently started an Endowment Fund for Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp at The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation.

For over 50 years the Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp has hosted two weeks of summer camp for individuals with significant cognitive disabilities in South Mississippi. This camp is a place where campers participate in swimming, dancing, canoeing, singing, arts/crafts, boating, fishing, etc. Activities at the camp include adaptations that are made to support all individuals to help them participate in all activities.   This endowment was set up with the foresight of the Hattiesburg Civitan Club and those who are passionate about the mission of Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp.

Endowments provide stable, predictable sources of income for the organizations they are set up for.  "Competition for funds from private, philanthropic, and government resources is stronger than ever," said Theresa Erickson, Executive Director of the PineBelt Communtiy Foundation.  "Therefore, many nonprofit organizations, and even churches, are including an endowment in their 'funding mix' which will provide financial stability for the organization's future."

"The benefit of an endowment at the PineBelt Community Foundation is that it is pooled with all of our other endowments which to date is about $2 million," added Erickson.  "This provides for a much better return on investment.  It is also managed by Vanguard, one of the largest money management companies in the United States; in addition, our Investment Committee is a group in investment professionals who are committed to ensure that our endowments are invested to be a perpetual fund – that is, a fund that will give a gift forever."

The Greater Pine Belt Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exits to strengthen communities by connecting charitably minded people to causes that matter most to them.  For more information call 601.583.6180 or visit

Pictured left to right:  Willie Macko, Keith Barrett, Theresa Erickson, Bobby Banks