Hattiesburg CARES School hosts open house

The Hattiesburg CARES School, a division of the Mississippi Children's Home Services, hosted an open house on Thursday afternoon to showcase the new school and services they offer.

The CARES school is a fully accredited, non public school that provides educational and psychosocial services to children. The school can be considered as a "bridge" school. CARES is a learning environment that helps kids cope during difficult seasons of life. The parent of one CARES school student says she's seen her son blossom during his time there.

"It has been a major change for him in a positive light. I've seen him blossom since he's been to this school. He started after Christmas and he goes every day from 8:30 to 2:00, and now that he's home, he's singing again, he's smiling again, he wants to be at school, he's interested in reading again, because he has people around him that really understand what's going on with him," said Ashlee Parsons.

The children who attend CARES school receive educational training, individual therapy personal responsibility lessons, and cooperation exercises while transitioning to public schools.