Petal irritated by Waste Pro’s inferior service

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - In an effort to save money, the Petal Board of Alderman and Mayor Hal Marx decided to contract Waste Pro for the city's garbage pickup, but after nearly three months residents are not too happy about the services that have been provided by the waste removal service company.

"The reason we went to privatization it was not because our service was not good it was because we felt like a private company could do it cheaper and do the same level of service that our employees had provided," said Mayor Marx. "We met with Waste Pro several times, their local officials promised us that the level of service would be as good or better than what we had been providing and that's just not been the case."

Although residents save $1.75 on their garbage bill, they are not pleased with the service.

"They're not doing a very good job of picking up yard debris especially, but even household garbage in some neighborhoods," said Mayor Marx. "We've had a lot of complaints that whole streets have been missed, we've had complaints that yard debris has been left out for months without being picked up and generally just the level of service is not what we or our citizens expect."

During Tuesday's board meeting, the mayor along with the board of alderman decided to make a decision on Waste Pro. 

"We're giving them 90 days and at the end of 90 days if we cannot see marked improvements then we will be voiding our contract and going back to public sanitation.

For now the city will monitor the company's progress.

"We did not intent to go with a company that was going to provide inferior services," said Mayor Marx. "We still believe that Waste Pro can provide good service. I will just urged people that are having problems call city hall let us know cause we need to know if the services is improving or not."

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