15 arrested in Hattiesburg drug roundup

A year-long investigation led authorities to a city-wide drug roundup on Wednesday afternoon. The Hattiesburg Police Department, 12th NET Narcotics Task Force, U.S. Marshal Task Force, and DEA Task Force joined together in the major drug clean sweep.

Authorities say 15 individuals in The City of Hattiesburg were arrested on multiple drug sale and possession charges. The drugs seized include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription pills.

The individuals charged are Chad Deese, Shelly Murphy, Willie Magee, Ellis Hundley, Jason Gilbert, Christopher Plunkett, Timothy Roberts, Winford Hudson, Aaron Ashford, Dennis Smith, Kaylie Nobles, Eddie Adams, Sam Sellas, Toneeki Easterling, and Pedreco Lyons.

The arrests were made at multiple residences throughout the city. A few of those locations include the Pine Haven Estate apartments located off Helveston Road, D'Wayne Street, 301 N. 18th Ave., and 1007 McInnis Ave.

The McInnis Ave. house was empty, but when Seven on Your Side arrived to the scene, there was a Barbie Jeep and a swing set outside in front of the house. Beer bottles were also strewn across the front porch before a neighbor insisted upon cleaning it up before cameras started rolling.

The neighbors said the children are in good hands. Those who were charged are booked in the Forrest County Jail, pending their initial appearances which are expected to take place this Friday morning at 9.