National Weather Person Day: Pine belt thanks WDAM weather team

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - February 5th is National Weather Person Day. We asked the Pine Belt viewers to tell WDAM why they appreciate Nick Ortego, Megan Hodge, and Rex Thompson. Here are some of the submissions.

"Megan is very informative & clear."- Edith Strickland

"Because they make coming to work a breeze!"- Rachel Beech

"Although still new, Megan is like part of our family already. I like her smile and humor!"-Debbie Madden.

"Great smile and always there when we need a weather up-date especially during bad weather."- Durley Hanson

"Dedication is key,  but I really appreciate Rex's shoes!"- Sissy Reeves-Law

"It's all about his personality! He is simply likeable. I love the chemistry between him and Miranda too. They are a great team."- Terri Lynn Byrd

"Nick is very professional and always accurate with weather predictions."- Brad Langston

"What can I say, couldn't ask for better!" -Jeanette Allgood.

"<3 Megan!" - Margaret Mixon

"Luv Nick, he doesn't dramatize the weather, just tells i like it is! He is awesome!" -DeNita Martin Shorrosh

"Our family appreciate Rex for his service on the weather! He knows how to put a little humor in the weather when he has to delivery bad news." - Natarsha Tarpooh McIntyre

"Nick is the cutest weather man ever." -Brooke Sanford

"I appreciate all the WDAM staff but the weather people are there to help us know how to prepare for our days and nights. THANKS to you all!" -Debbie Madden

"Nick is definitely a all around bright and professional person. Nick is always up to the minute on forecasts whether its by fb or breaking through. I really appreciate him. Nick rocks!!"- Nikki Yesimblessed

"She is a beautiful lady and has a very sweet demeanor. I always enjoy her weather forecasting .Keep up the good work , you are a doll!"- Ann Odom Hust

"Beautiful young lady. Very capable lady to add to your staff. I enjoy her forecasts a lot. Very good personality and that goes a long way. Keep up the good work."-Ellen Lowe Thompson

" We can always count on the WDAM weather people to keep us informed on what is going on around us. Watch every morning to stay our day."- Linda Ingram Smith