WDAM Viewpoint- Pine Belt working together

We regularly hear from you, our customers, what you like and dislike about the information we share. And there is a recurring theme. You want to hear about what is working in our community.

So often what makes the news can be construed as negative. Crime, accidents, murders and lawsuits dominate our news on a regular basis.

So I would like to highlight the recent response to the ice storm in our area as something that worked well. Living in the south, we cannot be as well prepared as some towns up north for severe winter weather. But officials in the Pine Belt came together and kept our citizens informed. What we experienced was direct access to elected officials, helpful information from the Highway Patrol and area police chiefs and timely reaction from first responders.

All in all, we emerged from this weather event safely and better prepared for the next time.

This is today's Viewpoint.