Deputies respond to call, get more than what they bargained for

After deputies responded to a call from Ovett residents about a disturbance, they stumbled upon what many would call a "shake and bake" meth lab. Upon arrival, deputies encountered two men: 20-year-old Briar Freeman, 29-year-old Chance Williamson, and an unnamed woman at a house.

"There was a white male standing on the porch. He immediately ran into a wooded area next to the house. There was another white female and male on the scene," Blakeney said.

Williamson is the one who fled. As deputies interviewed Freeman and the woman, they noticed a strong smell coming from the house.

"The door to the residence was wide open and by standing on the front porch looking into the residence, they could see a few of the precursors out in plain view," he added.

The precursors include batteries, fertilizers, pipes, drain cleaner, and other dangerous household items.

"Those are clear indicators that someone has the intentions of manufacturing methamphetamine."

Blakeney says the items they seized could be a lethal combination.

"The bottle that they were holding in their hand was basically a ticking time bomb; it could have blown up at any second. This house that they were in, was an older wood frame house and there's no doubt in my mind that if this lab would have blown up, the whole house would have burned to the ground in minutes."

Sergeant Blakeney added the dangers of what was going on in that house could harm the innocent.

"While we were searching for the suspect that ran through the woods, we could hear children playing at the residence to the adjoining property of the so yeah there was children in the immediate area."

Williamson is wanted by the Jones County Sheriff's Department for possession of precursors and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. Williamson is also sought by the Mississippi Department of Corrections.