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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Jan. 29th-Legal Pot Viewer Feedback

Viewer feedback today to my editorial on legalizing marijuana.

I said there is a growing trend to make pot legal and it should be left up to the voters in each state to decide.

Matthew writes: " Let the people of the states decide. (Marijuana laws) have been ruining the lives of good people for far too long."

Ivy writes: "I, as a tax paying citizen of Louisiana, would like to not spend money on housing marijuana users in jail and especially want medical marijuana available to people of Louisiana who need it."

Cindy says: "I pray that when marijuana is legalized the courts will commute the sentences of every man and woman imprisoned for marijuana possession. Absolutely absurd to be imprisoned for marijuana possession. "

Steven, who is a minister, has a different opinion: "The bible makes it clear that Christians must serve God with a "sound mind." That can't be done by a person who uses drugs recreationally."

As always, thank you for your comments.

I'm James Smith.

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