MDOT warns motorists of perilous roads

A brutal winter storm brings frigid weather conditions to the Pine Belt area; with it, comes perilous highways.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation's District Six Engineer, Kelly Castleberry, warns motorists to take precaution at all costs in the wake of the weather.

"The best advice we can give: Vehicles cannot become accustom to ice very well and there's only so many methods that we can do to treat ice on the roads," Castleberry said.

"If you can help it, stay inside."

First responders spent much of the afternoon pulling vehicles from ditches and up hills as icy roads thickened.

Castleberry says MDOT applied a solution to all bridge decks within the district to help first responders and motorists.

"Monday morning, we went ahead and began mixing a salt brine solution. There's not much snow with this. It's pretty much ice and sleet, which is probably the worst driving conditions there is."

Driving conditions so dangerous that caused a vehicle to slide and crash into a pipeline in the D'LO area. The pipeline erupted in flames as a result of the crash.

With M-DOT's new camera system, Castleberry says he and his staff have been keeping a close eye on all roadways. He says the MDOT website, offers traffic features, including ways to check on current road conditions in different areas.